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3/1/04 Report on Work in the New York City area
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More new Christians in New York

Upper Manhattan’s revival continues to produce good ground for growth. There have been two baptisms there recently and one at Fair Lawn.

Irene, pictured below in our cattle trough baptistery, began attending several months ago and accepted a personal Bible study at the building on Tuesday nights. She is very friendly and has quickly made friends with all the brethren. However, last week, she moved to Atlanta where she has a sister. I hope she will attend the Hispanic congregation in Embry Hills. I just heard from my sister that she has made contact with brother Coronado and the brethren there.

Doña Carmen is the elderly aunt of one of our shut in members, Arrelis Rodriguez. After finding that our cattle trough baptistery was portable enough to take to the various apartment buildings (see last report about Doña Luz’s baptism), Rosi and Victor Grado encouraged Doña Carmen to let them bring the baptistery to her apartment so that she could be baptized. She accepted, the brethren carried the baptistery down to her building at 105th Street and 1st Avenue in a minivan, hauled it up the stairs to her tenth store apartment, and baptized her into Christ.

The picture shown below of our newly decorated building was taken last fall. Notice the flowers and shrubbery. Rosi Grado got the idea for this type of decoration after visiting Italy. Our building’s gone from being almost an eyesore, to a neat looking little place.

The greatest threat to our continued growth at Upper Manhattan may be the flight from the city of several key families. Friends (Manny and Luisa mentioned in earlier reports) moved to the Charlotte, North Carolina area and are trying to get several leading families to move down About four are seriously planning a move. Two others are planning to move to Kissimee, Florida. In a way, I don’t blame the families from wanting to move to a place where their children will have better neighborhoods and schools. However, I fear for the future of the church if all who are seriously considering moving, follow through.

Spanish work in Fair Lawn, New Jersey

The congregation in Fair Lawn continues to grow and isn’t threatened by mass exodus as is the church at Upper Manhattan.

Our latest baptism at Fair Lawn is Sara, pictured to the left. She has been studying with Alejandro Sanchez, pictured with her, and German Ortiz. Sara listens intently to Bible teaching, particularly some lessons I gave on evolution

Ivan Mejía confessed that he has not been attending faithfully and requested prayers for strength.


I enjoyed a meeting with the Spanish speaking brethren in Long Beach, California. I especially enjoyed being with my uncle Bill and Aunt Charlotte. Bill was preaching for the English speaking brethren. I stayed with Mark and Carmen Reeves and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them better.

I continue to get email correspondence and snail mail from brethren all over Latin America. Much of it is feedback from our little paper, Creced and our webpage.

This past weekend, the 27th through 29th of February, we rented a lodge for a gathering of 35 teenagers for Bible study, singing, prayer and time together. They are pictured to the right. There are some tremendous young Christians in the group who greatly encourage not only their peers but those of us who are slightly older.

Thanks so much as always for your support.