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Report on Work in the NYC AREA


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You will note a definite change in style in this report. I have new software and equipment because of our new web page, and I'm going to try to use it to "jazz" up the report a bit with pictures. Churches will get color pictures. Others will get pictures in black and white. Email recipients will have to check the web page for pictures.

The Fair Lawn Spanish speaking church, seen in the photo to the left, is doing reasonably well. You'll notice in the picture an average Sunday attendance of about 40. Though meeting in the building of the English speaking Fair Lawn congregation, we're still working to find our own meeting place in an Hispanic neighborhood.

We had a baptism last Sunday. Francisco, a young man in his twenties from Nicaragua, was brought to us by Bartel Rose. I have been reading in the book of Luke with him for a couple of months. Last Sunday, Doug Focht, who preaches with translation once a month, taught on Acts 2 . Francisco, who listens well, decided that he needed to be baptized. Francisco has never learned to read but remembers well what he hears. I wish I had time apart from our Bible studies to teach him to read. I may make a bit of an effort to teach him the ABC's and how they sound after our Bible readings on Thursdays.

The congregation at Upper Manhattan, seen at the right and also below (pictures of both sides of the building), continues to plug along. As of this moment, there is no final news about the crisis regarding our building. I was able to talk to Mayor Giuliani on the phone over a radio station here, WABC, and he put me in touch with the chief of staff for the City Finance Director. She says that she's optimistic that we can have the tax lien pardoned, but can give no guarantees We have sent a lot of paperwork to her and also Citibank where we are applying for a loan, in case the Mayor doesn't come through.

The pictures of Upper Manhattan are on a typical Sunday. Notice Jerry Falk, who was visiting, sitting on the front row. We usually have 50-60 in attendance.

Web site, I finally have the web site going full blast, though I still have hundreds of articles and notes to upload in Spanish first, then English. Click on it and see what you think. We're already getting a lot of good feedback. One brother in Mexico says, "I found your magazine, Creced, on the internet! I read the articles on the Sermon on the Mount (excerpts of Paul Earnhart's sermons) and printed them out to share with the brethren, since they are very useful and instructive."

Weekend singles Bible study: I've reserved a retreat center here in the mountains of Northwest, New Jersey for the weekend of May 11,12,13 so that singles from this area can have a weekend Bible study session together and get to know each other. Please tell anysingles that you know who might be interested to contact me, or click for further information under the "Misc. news, links" section.

Upper West Side church: Tom and Susan Beeler have done a fantastic work in this new English speaking congregation in Manhattan. Tom said that they had 36 in attendance last Sunday, with no out of town visitors! I'm planning to start preaching there one Sunday a month since it is easy to reach from Upper Manhattan. Tom says he thinks that will be helpful.

The family is well and we thank you so much for your support and prayers.