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Report for December 22,2009

Several More Baptisms

* Patricia Romer, pictured at the right holding her little girl, was baptized at Fair Lawn. She married one of our wayward members, Juan Carlos Romero. However, thanks to God’s use of one of our members, Antonio Velasquez (in Ramapo sweatshirt), both of them began to attend Fair Lawn with their two cute little children. Patricia decided to be baptized into Christ and Juan Carlos (far right in picture) asked to be reconciled with the congregation and with God.

* Rosa Rodriguez has been a faithful member of the congregation in Fair Lawn for a number of years but has always been concerned for her two daughters, Vanessa and Myra. On December 13th, both came to the front during the invitation song and requested baptism, in the case of Myra, andprayers for reconciliation in the case of Vanessa. Needless to say, the whole congregation and especially Rosa are thrilled that her two very personable daughters are now right with God. In the picture from left to right below are Vanessa, Rosa and Myra.

* Krystle is a beautiful disabled young woman who began attending Sherman Avenue in her motorized wheel chair. She quickly became a favorite with her winning smile and cheerful disposition. She requested baptism on December 13 and several of the men carefully carried her downstairs to our cattle trough baptistery and baptized her into Christ. Yesterday, she attended services in spite of the snowstorm, though tears flowed down her cheeks because of pain in her back.

More contacts

I have several interesting new home studies with the lost.

* Zoila studied with me about two years ago. I gave her a Bible, but then lost contact with her. She showed up at services about six weeks ago. She said that she had been reading the Bible that I had given her and wanted to resume our personal studies.

Zoila keeps several children who love Bible study: Jolazy, Mariela and Natalie (pictured below with Anthony Payero). I have gone over several Bible studies with them and they and Zoila have learned the New Testament books up to 2 Timothy. Perhaps as a younger preacher, I wouldn’t have been as excited about studying with little children, but I’ve seen that often they are the best contacts of all. In a few years, there is a good chance these girls will become spiritually minded teens. Emily Ferenzce is going to be helping with the girls.

* Eduardo, a Peruvian who lives in Queens, took our Internet Correspondence course. We’ve probably had several hundred students around the world on the course, but Eduardo is the first solid contact in this area from it. He worked as a bank officer in Peru, is highly intelligent and eloquent and was a member of an Evangelical church there. We’ll see if he is of good ground.

Trips, Hopes and Challenges

I enjoyed a trip to Ontario, Canada with a group of young Christian men, spending a weekend with the Stephens family and young Christians there. Beverly and I also enjoyed a one-day trip to Bangor, Maine and a weekend meeting at Amsterdam Avenue in New York. I look forward to trips to Long Beach, California, lectures in Florida in early February and a weekend Bible study session planned for February 12-14 with young Christians from the area.

There is much to rejoice about with the new Christians and seeing the growth among young disciples. Many young men are doing excellent jobs in the pulpit and teenagers are learning to serve others, study and pray. However, much still needs to be done in the battles against worldliness and error. It has grieved me to see many of our young Christians participate in activities that would have been roundly criticized among the saints twenty-five years ago, but are gaining acceptance now. I pray for wisdom as I try to deal with such.