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Report on Work in the New York City area
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Isolated Christians in Latin America

I constantly receive correspondence from brethren in isolated parts of Latin America who read our bimonthly paper, Creced, and reach out for help.

* Clara Ramos, from Salta, Uruguay (a city of almost 100,000 people) writes. "I am 63 years old and have eight children." A preacher from Montevideo used to visit her two or three times a year but had to stop. She continues, "It has been ten years since I have been able to partake the Lord’s Supper in fellowship with other brethren, but I keep on reading the Bible and receiving the bulletin which is a great blessing." She would love to have an evangelist come to work in her city or even visit, but would be happy just to hear from others. If you can write even rudimentary Spanish, please send a post card or note to sister Clara. Her address is: Calle Lucas Perez #235 (entre Rivera y Varela), C.P. 50,000, Barrio Malvasio, Salto, Uruguay, South America.

* Oreste Mora Riberón writes from Santi Spiritu, Cuba saying many kind things. He adds, "Our little church has only 31 members and is situated in a rural area that is quite distant from the city. Almost all of the brethren work in agriculture. We have almost no access to any Bible material (information) and other blessings. Sometimes I feel that we are all alone, but when I think about our God, I realize that’s not the case." His address is: "La Yamagua" Taguaseo, C.P. 62300, Santi Spiritu, Cuba.

I thank the brethren from Embry Hills in Atlanta, Georgia for helping me to maintain contact with such brethren through the paper.

Building at Upper Manhattan

The brethren at Upper Manhattan are trying to obtain a loan for $14,000 to pay the repairs for their building that the city is demanding. (See our last report) If they’re unsuccessful, we’ll pool some personal credit to obtain what is needed. A kind contractor has already started work on the building without us having paid him a thing!

In the meantime, the large Pentecostal church next door wants to buy our property. We’ve told them that we might be interested if they can help us find another building. A large two-story house is for sale just across the Harlem River in the Bronx, but converting it for use for the church would probably entail a small army of lawyers and architects to fight the city bureaucrats. I am encouraging the brethren to offer the building to our Pentecostal friends in exchange for the house in the Bronx, already approved for use as a church. That way, they would have to jump through the bureaucratic hoops instead of me.


* The congregation at Fair Lawn has begun to gather around the table for the Lord’s Supper (see picture above right), which seems to provide more of a spirit of togetherness than when we’re scattered all over the auditorium. However, a few aren’t sure of the new arrangement and we may have to go back to distributing the emblems all around the auditorium.

* I’ve had more free time this fall to work on several web projects. Jerry Falk has helped me start, which will be dedicated to English and will feature these reports, some sermon outlines, audio sermons in mp3 files and a few articles. Check it out now if you like. I’ve also been putting some Spanish sermons in mp3 format on our Spanish page for sermon outlines. Soon, I hope to convert my site to exclusive use for Spanish brethren. Jerry and I want to use his site, to appeal to the lost. It is such a joy to be able to work with Jerry.

* We had two ice storms last week that turned the little yard in the back of the building of the Upper Manhattan church into a skating rink. Of course, the kids discovered it and had a bit of a "skating party" after services this past Tuesday (see picture to the left).

* Homes studies continue with all but two who were mentioned in last report. There are new possibilities.

* I am enjoying preaching for the group at 2nd Avenue in Manhattan every third Sunday. (Picture below) Though small, they are faithful. Thanks for your prayers and support!