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Report for September, October 2011

November 7, 2011

Opportunities to Preach

in Other Places

The first meeting was with the brethren at the Washington Park church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. (About a quarter of the group is pictured above left) The congregation is composed of African Americans (though they would love to have members of other races) and is very loving and faithful. I enjoyed staying in the home of Jerome and Mary Jackson. God’s kingdom needs more faithful African American preachers like Jerome and it was a privilege to get to know him and Mary.

I was also able to visit the Hispanic congregation at Flagler Grove in Miami (Below right). This is the only Hispanic congregation I know in Miami that doesn’t go along with denominational machinery and trends. They are small but loving.

I enjoyed participating in a weekend meeting with the brethren at East Orange, New Jersey preaching on the topics, "Working with the Young" and "Working with Those of Other Cultures."

The last meeting was with the Kleinwood church near Houston, Texas. The theme was evangelism. It was particularly good to be with Curtis and Mary Ann Pope and to get to know brethren that have been helping in my financial support for over a year.

Baptisms Among the Young

There continues to be a number of baptisms among the young in New York City due primarily to the teaching efforts of Tim Bunting and the encouragement of a growing number of Christian teens. * Sara Sarante came to the Upper Manhattan congregation with her sisters as a little girl and even attended our camp. However, we lost touch with her for a few years until she found me on Facebook and asked to be my "friend." When seeing references to camp she asked if she could attend. We worked her in at the last minute. After camp she kept attending services and studying with Tim and Bill Sanchez. It is great to see older teens like Sara remember the love they had at Upper Manhattan as children, and then seek that love again when they observe the emptiness of their worldly teenage peers. Working with children is one of the most important things we can do!

Tim Bunting has been working closely with the Jessica Guzman’s family, having baptized older sister, Tiffany, earlier this year. Now sweet and shy Jessica is a Christian. Adrianne Trinidad who is 13, was contacted first by Emily Ferencze Hall and has continued attending services after Emily left. Bill Sanchez has been studying extensively with Adrianne and other 12-15 year olds and baptized Adrianne into Christ last Sunday. I sometimes don’t like "baptismal pictures" because they are sometimes posed and used to try to get financial support, but I do like this picture of Bill after he baptized Adrianne. Adrianne has the potential of being a leader among the younger teens since she is very open and friendly and has natural leadership capabilities

Roger and Cassie

Roger Polanco, who has been a blessing to many in the New York City area, married Cassie Churchill several weeks ago. They're pictured below I’ve admired how Cassie has adapted to life in the Bronx. Roger and Cassie are pictured below.

Weather Problems

We had over a foot of snow at our house on Saturday the 29th. I cancelled classes that day, but Beverly and I were able to make it into the city yesterday with some difficulty. Electricity is still off, but we have a little generator.

Update. 11/6/11 - We were without power until Saturday night, in other words for a whole week! The picture below was taken in Kearny, near Newark, where they didn't have nearly as much snow, but because they had more leaves on the trees, it seemed they had even more powerlines down than we had. We were so thankful for our generator! We had to cancel a trip with 13 young people to Canada, but have rescheduled for the weekend of November 18.

If you would like to see more pictures, feel free to check out my Facebook page. For example, pictures of snowstorm can be found clicking here.