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Report on Work in the
New York City area
Gardner Hall, P.O. Box 123, Port Murray, NJ 07865-0123,

Picture above - Bilingual church, 508 W.139th Street, New York, NY, June 16, 2013

New Home studies

One new home Bible study is on Saturdays in Jersey City with about half a dozen neighborhood children in the apartment of Cathy Morales. They are all such sweet children and my heart goes out to them. I think they're all from broken homes, but all want to learn and listen well. One that especially impresses me is Grayson, who is about 14. Cathy told me that his parents abandoned him and his grandmother took him in. He told me that sometimes he has difficulty controlling his anger, but that he wants to learn more about God in the Bible. We've gone through several stories in the book of Luke and are learning to sing the books of the New Testament. There is no congregation anywhere close to them to invite them or their mothers/grandmothers. There needs to be a church in Jersey City! Four of the kids, including Grayson, will be going to our camp.

Another new study is with Omar, who is 12. I take Will Guerrero with me to read from the book of Mark. Omar is very serious minded for his age and likes the Bible.

I believe that Bible studies with children are just as important or perhaps even more important than studies with adults. The strength of the new Bilingual church in Manhattan is a group of teens and young adults that began studying the Bible with us when they were children. Now they have grown up and take their faith seriously.

I've begun reading the book of Acts with Angie, the home attendant of Aida Del Villar. A number of strong young Christians in New York City have been children of Aida's home attendants that have been converted through the teaching of the word.

"Momentito Bíblico"

We are through with the book of Luke in our daily 3-minute recorded Bible messages and are now in Acts. These little messages take up 30 minutes of my daily schedule, but are a way we can put the gospel out to people on the streets that see our advertisements and call in. Ask any Spanish speaking friends of yours to call in - (855) Hay-Gozo (There's joy). Here's the web page -

Camp almost here

We are just about ready for our annual camp for young people that starts this coming Sunday. Since I'm buried under with chores for that, this report will be done quickly. It looks like we'll have around 215 young people at camp. (Well a few will be "slightly" older staff,) This year we have a much larger contingent of kids from inner city areas. I have 88 people down as needing assistance with their camp fees as opposed to 68 last year. Please pray for this effort, which is always extremely stressful, but also extremely beneficial. Of course, it's a personal project and not a work of the church.

New Book

My little book, Conviction Versus Mercy, is now out. Many today want to emphasize only convictions and others only mercy, while combining the two is essential to imitating Christ. More information here.

Beverly has been going with me into New York City. She loves talking with the young members. Picture below is from a quick stop at Burger King after services at Sherman Avenue and before services at the bilingual congregation.